We live in an increasingly visual world. The standard user of a smart phone, connect on average 15 times a day to various social platforms. Never has it been so easy to reach your intended audience with your product.
Likewise, it has never been more important to connect to your customers visually. In today's frantic world, the majority of people want to know what you're offering as quickly and easily as possible. Nothing else has proved to be as effective in advertising than a well thought out video.
Video is now essential in order to get yourself seen in the jungle that is the world wide web. Popular search engines rank sites that utilise quality video content higher than those that don't, making it easier for your customers to find you.
A brand that uses strong, sleek and unique promotional videos, will itself become recognized as strong, sleek and unique. A professional video doesn't have to cost Hollywood prices anymore, but as a business you shouldn't expect anything less than Hollywood results. 
With over 5 years experience in the media industry, working all over the globe with individuals, top brands, organisations and charities, I am always looking for new and challenging projects. With a wealth of equipment (from drones to cranes) and knowledge in different media styles, I look forward to creating eye candy for you and your business.
Videography - Starting at £35ph
Photography - Starting at £20ph
Aerial filming - Starting at £50ph
Editing - Starting at £20ph
Every project and every budget is different, so please don't hesitate to get in touch. 
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