Caterfood Buying Group 
 The fastest growing foodservice in the UK with an annual turnover of £100 million.
It's always a blessing when you learn from the things you film and you will always learn when your filming with farmers and chefs. Filming for the Caterfood Buying group has seen me travel all over the England and Wales and sees me utilise all of the skills I've developed over the years. 
Setting up well lit and framed head shots is a key skill when telling a story and can be especially difficult in highly dangerous and noisey areas.  It's a balance of using all the lighting you can, while making sure your rig isn't stopping anyone from doing their job.
Not getting in the way, especially of heavy machinery and angry knife weilding kitchen staff is also a key element to success in these types of jobs. Having a mixture of lenses and cameras is beneficial to getting those wow shots as effeciently as possible. 
A recent addition to my kit -  the Laowa 9mm super wide angle lens, has been extremely fun to play with and can help add a new dimension to the visuals I create. The DJI mini 3 pro is also fantastic for setting up establishing shots, all very useful for making sure I can accurately portray my clients story.
With schedules fully packed in order to cover every aspect of a business so huge, it's paramount to get stunning shots in the small amount time given - whatever the weather. I'm proud of the footage I've collected for both Caterfood and Harvest (two of the 7 members currently owned by CFBG) and look forward to filming for their other UK brands. 
This feature video was filmed over 3 packed days, visiting 10 locations, setting up multiple interviews with 3 point lighting, as well as flying the drone where possible and safe - it was a lot to pack in. 
The client was able to use multiple segments from the video in short burst on social media, creating an engaging and high quality media campaign - keeping their customers and suppliers feeling a part of the family.
If you have a large business that is begging to be captured and shown to the world, give me a shout and lets get cooking.
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