Croft View - It's not just a wedding venue, it's an everything venue
If you want to know how you go from an old farm house to an award winning venue in less than 3 years then look no futher than the simply magical Croft View. Set in a sprawling Somerset Estate, Charlotte Ruell and her fab team have created not just a multi-use events venue, but an actual way of life.
It's become one of the UK's favourite retreat hubs for sports, meditation, metal forging and cooking. It has about 4 or 5 million stunning bedrooms, a massive pool and sauna and more countryside than you can shake your walking stick at.
A countryside that will frame your wedding ceremony and usher in your married life with a beauty and charm that you wont be forgetting. Especially once I've captured your day with video and photo single handedly using my combination of Sony mirrorless cameras. 
I've shot over 150 weddings and around 25 of these I have been doing both photo and video on my own. The benefits of which is that you and your guests won't notice me, allowing for the mnost natural and candid pictures.
However if you're looking for both a video and photo guy or girl, I have a selection of trusted creative friends I can call on to help capture every smile and tear of your event. Check out the venue here!
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