Kingston Estate - A wedding venue fit for royalty.
Set in the Heart of Devon
When your bride and groom reveal to you that they are hosting their wedding at Kingston Estate, one of Devon's most prestigious venues, you can't help but smile.
Dripping in history, the grounds feature gorgeous Georgian architecture and artwork as well as many modern must haves: your saunas, your underground disco clubs and of course the much required helipad.
Filming bridal prep here is so easy becuase of the massive rooms, which are decorated beautifully in every corner. The groomsmen also have stunning options and I'm always a fan of shooting in the many cottages available on the grounds.
When planning your wedding, it's pretty important to prepare for the wondrous variety of weather the English climate can throw at you and your guests. Kingston Estate has go you covered when it comes to the I Do's. Indoor or outdoor or even indoor outdoor with their excellent open ended marquees. The walled garden is my favourite, a spectacular back drop for the minimum of three cameras I'll be using to document your big day.
Filming with a Sony A7siii allows me to capture all the dancing details at night, however dark it gets. My G master Sony 1.2 50mm combined with the ability to shoot cleanly at 12800 ISO (did you just fall asleep?) means you won't miss a second of granny's dirty dancing.   ---------
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